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Better Data + Better AI + Better Engagements at Connections ‘24

Reading time: 4 min   |  By Hayley Coxon   |  Published in Articles,

Connections ‘24 kicks off today, but I was lucky enough to attend Salesforce’s Partner Preview yesterday. I got an advanced look at the key themes for the event: Better Data + Better AI + Better Engagement.

When talking about the go-to-market strategy for Data Cloud, Salesforce emphasized that customers are not interested in large, transformative IT projects. They want to understand how they can solve their use case and see evidence they’ll achieve ROI within the first year.

Let’s separate the marketing hype from the tactical, real work needed to make these themes a reality.

Better Data

Better data starts with knowing what the current state of data health and data debt is. I regularly hear Salesforce customers complain about their data quality only to get a deer-in-the-headlights reaction to follow-up questions. How are you measuring data quality? Where are your biggest data quality challenges? How bad is “bad”?

To answer any of these questions and ultimately improve your data, you need to perform a statistical analysis. This will surface where the biggest data issues exist in your org and inform an action plan to start cleaning up data debt. Native Salesforce data profiling solutions, like Cuneiform for CRM, are the fastest and most secure way to analyze Salesforce org data. Cuneiform for CRM has the added advantage of having a free app for Field and Data Management.

Better AI

Achieving better AI depends on having good metadata, as well as reliable data. Einstein Copilot relies on metadata properties to work well, and the most important attribute is the field description. Many companies have neglected data dictionary efforts for years. Now, they worry about the daunting task of documenting a backlog of fields.

In reality, while AI models leverage data, not all fields on an object are equally important. Focus on the handful truly relevant to your generative or predictive use case. The key? Separate the noise – irrelevant fields – from the signal – the valuable data. Prioritize clear, detailed descriptions for these critical fields to ensure AI success.

Cuneiform for CRM’s Business Data Reliability application combines profiling statistics with business context to identify highly relevant and influential fields for desired outcomes. And our monitoring capabilities will ensure that the data feeding your AI models remains reliable over time.

Better Engagement

Better engagements require complete and trustworthy unified profiles and segments. To have the most successful engagements, you should only act on reliable data. The data and level of data quality required for lead engagement campaigns are different from what is needed for customer adoption programs.

When you have millions—or tens of millions—of records, you need a way to understand which information is most likely to drive business results. Cuneiform for Data Cloud’s simplifies data reliability with customizable KPIs. By defining data quality KPIs specific to each use case, you can ensure you are using reliable data, leading to better results and reduced credit usage.

Bottom Line

Achieving better data, greater AI performance, and more effective customer engagement requires quantifying and continually improving your current data and metadata health.

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By Hayley Coxon

Hayley Coxon is the Head of Product Marketing, Cuneiform for Salesforce. As a career marketer who believes business data is not nearly as trustworthy as it should be, PeerNova is the perfect home. Having previously held leadership positions in marketing and RevOps at Prodly and Conga, her passion is helping companies leverage technology to automate processes, improve customer and employee experiences, and in turn generate better quality data.

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