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Architect’s Guide to Achieving a Customer 360 View in a Multi-Org Strategy

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Best Practices for Using Data Cloud with Multiple Salesforce Orgs

Companies with multiple Salesforce orgs have traditionally faced a tough decision: Tackle an arduous org merge, maintain a complex system of integrations, or accept blind spots created by data silos in their business. But thanks to Data Cloud there’s another choice.

Using real-time data profiling and Data Cloud, companies can unify data across every org and empower teams with current, complete, consistent, and contextual insights—all in a matter of weeks!

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  • Achieve a unified Customer 360 view across multiple orgs in weeks vs months or years
  • Evaluate Data Cloud vs an org merge for unifying customer data
  • Use data profiling to make critical data modeling, governance and mapping decisions
  • Design a secure, compliant architecture

Hosted by Expert Salesforce Data Strategy Practitioners

Alan Dray

Director, Multi-Cloud Data Strategy Solution Architect

Specialties: Data Architecture, Data Strategy, Data Modeling, MDM/CDI

Alan is an accomplished senior-level architect with an extensive background in leading the architecture of high-impacting business solutions. He consistently pushes the Salesforce platform to its limits to craft innovative, impactful, and feasible business solutions with a blueprint for others to follow. For more then a decade, Alan has crafted Salesforce’s leading solution architecture blueprints for B2B Customer 360.

Mehmet Orun, CDMP

SVP of Product

Specialties: Enterprise Data Strategy, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Data Assessment & Governance

Mehmet is an accomplished data strategist, solution architect, and product leader focused on delivering effective, sustainable solutions for organizations to achieve business goals by better leveraging and managing data while minimizing time to value. During his 18+ years in the Salesforce ecosystem, Mehmet has been a Customer Consultant, leading a global data practice, and Salesforce product leader for Data.com and C360 Data Manager, which is now part of Data Cloud. A thought leader in data management, Mehmet has delivered 30+ Dreamforce sessions and is committed to empowering organizations to achieve data excellence through product innovation and community contributions.

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