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Webinar: Accelerate B2B Customer 360 AI and Automation Readiness with Salesforce CRM and Data Cloud

Reading time: 1 min   |  By Mehmet Orun   |  Published in Videos,

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In this webinar, you will join expert practitioners as they discuss accelerating B2B Customer 360 AI and automation readiness with Salesforce CRM and Data Cloud.

Alan Dray, Director, Multi-Cloud Data Strategy Solution Architect, Salesforce
Mehmet Orun, Senior Vice President of Product, PeerNova
Gurpinder Dhillon, Vice President of Data Management, Dun & Bradstreet

Navid Jafari, Vice President & Global Head of Marketing and Communications, PeerNova


By Mehmet Orun

Mehmet has been on a quest to achieve Customer 360 with Salesforce for more than 18 years. As a Salesforce customer, he architected and oversaw the Master Data Management program for Salesforce’s first Life Science customer. During his 10+ year career at Salesforce, Mehmet served as the first Director of Data Quality for the Data.com product team, built and led Salesforce’s Data Strategy Practice, wrote requirement 0 for Salesforce Customer 360, and lead the C360 Data Manager product until its integration with C360 Audiences (aka Marketing CDP) which we now know as Data Cloud. See full leadership profile.


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